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A tectonic shift is happening as the entire digital economy starts moving to blockchain, the technology powering the new internet, a better internet -- one that holds the promise of a fair and equal-access economy for everyone. But we are facing a major problem threatening this vision from becoming a reality: either every API service that powers the current world of software must become blockchain-enabled or we have to re-build it all from scratch, throwing away decades of progress and cutting-off blockchain’s potential for creating the decentralized future we envision.

AIKON (pronounced “icon”) is transforming the $2.2 Trillion API economy into blockchain-enabled decentralized services “dServices” and making them accessible in the world’s first decentralized API marketplace. We are building a token-based ecosystem that incentivizes developers, fosters worldwide collaboration and provides equal opportunity for the people building the decentralized future -- regardless of location, background, or access to banks or credit cards. This is the promise of decentralization and it is our mission to make that dream a reality. #buildthefuture


Stefan Roever


David Watson

Sr. Systems Architect

Surabhi Lodha

Developer, Core Tech

Betsabe Martinez


Alex Stokes


Tyler Kuhn

Dapp Developer

Marc Blinder


Sam Tackeff

Head of Social-Digital

D Todd

Marketing Advisor

Tray Lewin


Pete McCarthy

Senior Product Manager

Linda A. Whittaker

HR and Administration Director

Gretchen Fox


Başarcan Celebci

Developer, Blockchain

Daniel Lin

Product Designer

Hex Division

International Dev Support


Mas Sakamoto

Advisor, Bay Angels

Min Kim

Founder, Blocultural

Connie Wong

Creative Advisor, Lead Product Designer,
Kraken Digital Asset Exchange

Grant Hummer

Chromatic Capital, SF Developers Meetup

Karl Ginter

Engineering Patent Expert CEO, Inspyris

Max Robbins

Managing Director Europe,
Blockchain Industries, Inc.

Jory Des Jardins

Growth/M&A Advisor & Operator,
Co-Founder, BlogHer

Deepak Kanungo

Hedged Capital,
Founder and CEO

Stan Stalnaker

Chief Strategy Officer,
Hub Culture, Ven, Ultra, Zeke


Q1 2018

Project ORE: Open Rights Exchange Protocol Announced

Read Announcement

ORE Protocol Alpha testing with launch partners

AI computing solution provider HADRON

Food identification and nutritional info AI solution Tasty Time

Video hosting and monetization vendor Gbox

Q2 2018

End-to-end testing with Alpha Partner APIs in sandbox

First ORE Node Launched

The first ORE Nodes launch to allow developers to test ORE Protocol in API marketplace alpha

Q3 2018 sandbox launches to public

Developers can register for the site, download the ORE Protocol javascript library and make test calls with our Alpha Partner APIs

ORE Blockchain is live with 14 nodes

API Publishing open to the public

Any API provider can publish their own APIs to the marketplace

Q4 2018

ORE ID one-click sign-up + custom token dService published on

Fiat payment for dServices functionality Live

End-to-end API Monetization on ORE Blockchain Live