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Easily monetize APIs using smart contracts and cryptocurrency

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A global digital economy has the potential to level the playing field, creating more opportunity for innovators around the world. New tools and the explosion of API services have made it easier than ever before to launch products and create new revenue streams. Yet, whether you are an individual developer, a start-up or an enterprise collaborating across borders -- market fragmentation, technical and legal complexities and even regime censorship -- still hamper productivity, waste critical resources and suppress collaboration, and ultimately, progress.

AIKON (pronounced “icon”) is creating an “economic OS” on the blockchain to reduce market friction, facilitate collaboration and provide equal opportunity for developers everywhere. Our first offerings, the Open Rights Exchange (ORE) protocol and decentralized API marketplace, allow for easy management and commercialization of off-chain API transactions on the blockchain. It is our mission to ensure that the value created by the decentralized community is accrued by the people doing the work and AIKON is committed to making that dream a reality.


Stefan Roever


David Watson

Sr. Systems Architect

Surabhi Lodha

Developer, Core Tech

Betsabe Martinez


Alex Stokes


Tyler Kuhn

Dapp Developer

Marc Blinder


Sam Tackeff

Head of Social-Digital

D Todd

Marketing Advisor

Tray Lewin


Linda A. Whittaker

HR and Administration Director

Gretchen Fox


Hex Division

International Dev Support



Technical Advisor

Mas Sakamoto

Advisor, Bay Angels

Min Kim

Founder, Blocultural

Connie Wong

Creative Advisor, Lead Product Designer,
Kraken Digital Asset Exchange

Grant Hummer

Chromatic Capital, SF Developers Meetup

Karl Ginter

Engineering Patent Expert CEO, Inspyris


Q1 2018

Project ORE: Open Rights Exchange Protocol Announced

Read Announcement

ORE Protocol Alpha testing with launch partners

AI computing solution provider Hadron

Food identification and nutritional info AI solution Tasty Time

Video hosting and monetization vendor Gbox

Q2 2018

Launch Alpha Partner APIs, publicly available for sale on the Ethereum testnet

First ORE Node Launched

The first ORE Nodes will launch along with a public sandbox to allow developers to test the ORE Protocol and upload their APIs to the marketplace.

Q3 2018

ORE Platform available to public

Anyone will be able to download and run their own ORE Node

Self-Serve API Upload

Users will be able to upload their own APIs to the marketplace. Automated testing and validation will be performed by the ORE Nodes.