AIKON: Our Story Starts Here

Germany // The first home computer was released, sparking the curiosity of a young innovator, Stefan Roever.

Quite a revolutionary himself, this new invention would unlock Stefan’s lifelong passion for problem-solving through technology. His cutting-edge technological pursuits range from developing a $6 billion encryption & banking software company, to launching an online video syndication platform, to creating a DNA sequencing company. For his next act: our soon-to-be-released collaborative technology setting the course for the decentralized future. And so, the journey begins…

Mexico // Fifteen year-old accounting prodigy Betsabe Martinez Botaitis entered the banking industry, shattering glass ceilings from the start.

Catapulting up the ranks to Global Vice President, Betsabe’s rise was driven by a deeper mission to empower people to excel in spite of unfair and challenging conditions. She quickly put her passion into action, spearheading finance and operations of a multimillion dollar financial inclusion program.

Today, Betsabe brings her fintech expertise and lifelong mission together as CFO of AIKON to launch new technology with the power to dismantle biases from opportunity and innovation worldwide.

United States // With a Political Science degree from Princeton in hand, a young Marc Blinder set out to work as a political operative for local Bay Area campaigns.

Soon becoming disillusioned by a broken political system, Marc looked to San Francisco’s thriving tech scene to forge a path for change. As he launched multiple successful startups, he understood the power of technology to truly impact social systems.

As CPO at AIKON, he’s working on a blockchain-based platform to let developers anywhere participate in the fair and equal future which he has always believed.

The story continues: The Meeting of the Minds

Stefan and Betsabe meet at the esteemed British-American Project, fostering a very powerful alliance. Over time, Betsabe became entrusted as CFO-COO for Stefan’s powerful portfolio of startups and empowered to realize her greatest mission of creating opportunities for talented people regardless of gender, age, location or priviledge.

Next, Stefan met Marc in London, the two instantly connected over their mutual interest in the intersection of technology and ethics. With wide-ranging conversations about everything from philosophy to politics to biotech, it wasn’t long before they lasered in on the exciting opportunity of the decentralized economy…

The idea// The encryption software pioneer, political operative, and banking veteran convened to explore the possibilites of new decentralized technology with the potential to level the playing field for developers.

Can AIKON deliver world-class capabilities that create equal access to global commerce for a fair economic future?

Challenge Accepted.

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