AIKON Announces Upcoming ORE Token Sale on ConsenSys’ New Token Foundry Platform

It’s been a big week here at AIKON. As is the norm in blockchain – the train is moving, and it’s moving fast. We’re just off the heels of announcing our ORE Whitepaper, and today we have more exciting news:

We’ve just announced the upcoming ORE Token sale on Token Foundry, the global platform for well-structured tokens and token economics — a project in partnership with ConsenSys and The Brooklyn Project.

“We’re pleased to be working with AIKON,” said Harrison Hines, Founder of Token Foundry. “AIKON’s decentralized API marketplace is a great use case of blockchain, and their ORE token is a good example of how you can create new network effects and enable consumers to generate value in entirely new ways with a token.”

The ORE Token

We created the ORE token as a key enabler of a decentralized API ecosystem.

The token is required for Miners, API providers, and other users who want to participate in the company’s ORE economy. (Token economics are designed to incentivize the sale of high quality products in the marketplace and disincentivize low quality products and fraudulent testing.)

We’ve structured the token to provide value across a wide variety of functions in the blockchain ecosystem for our Protocol and Marketplace. Its functions include:

About Token Foundry:

At Token Foundry, we are developing a framework for Tokens to be designed and sold in a fair and structured format. We have a strong understanding of the Ethereum blockchain ecosystem and work closely with companies and initiatives that can benefit from a decentralized protocol. We strongly believe that these new Token-powered networks offer an unprecedented opportunity for consumers to play a critical role in building entirely new global marketplaces, ecosystems and economies that will fundamentally change the world. With an emphasis on fraud prevention, consumer protection and compliance, we focus on connecting new Token-powered networks with ideal users of their next-generation platforms.

The ORE Whitepaper

If you’ve not had a chance to read it, we announced the publication of the Open Rights Exchange (ORE) Whitepaper, outlining our vision and path towards building tools for API developers across the globe — starting with the ORE Protocol for API Rights Management, and the API Marketplace.

More information about the ORE token mechanics and the ORE token launch are forthcoming.

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Important Notice: ORE users will need to bridge tokens to Ethereum over the pNetwork bridge by December 21, 2023