Co-Founder Betsabe Martinez Botaitis is featured in Forbes

“From Bank Teller To Blockchain Entrepreneur: How This Founder Is Empowering Developers Everywhere.”

As Co-Founder and COO at AIKON, Betsabe is a driving force in our office and an inspiration to all.

The quest to provide people in disenfranchised communities with equal access to resources and opportunity has pulsed at the core of blockchain entrepreneur Betsabe Martinez’s personal and professional mission since she was a child. Born and raised in humble beginnings in Guadalajara, Mexico, poverty was something she understood well.

“I used to play with fake bills and tell my mother I was going to join a bank because I wanted to give microloans to poor people in Mexico,” shares Martinez. “It was my drive to help others, as well as a combination of need because I knew no one was going to pay for my education.”

The rest of the story is fascinating. Spoiler alert, it starts with tales of her relentless persistence to pursue a career at the age of 14.

Click here to read the full article on Women at Forbes.

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