AIKON x PRYZE: Bootstrap Your Build

Something a little fun in advance of the upcoming long weekend here in the States!

We’ve teamed up with Pryze – the world’s first automated sweepstakes protocol built on the Ethereum blockchain — to award one lucky dev with some extra pocket money (figuratively, unless maybe you carry around a hard wallet — 2 Eth) to help bootstrap your build.

How to Enter

Qualifying winners must download the free Pryze mobile app (available now on Android or iOS ) and enter to win! (That’s it!)

Bootstrap Your Build

Have an API that you want transformed to work in the decentralized ecosystem? Or maybe just some code in your back pocket that you’d like monetized? We’ve got you covered with dServices.

A dService is any service that works in a decentralized system, either transformed using the ORE protocol or built using blockchain from the beginning. dServices are the building blocks of the decentralized economy.

In the coming months, we’ll be working with developers all over the world to build blockchain ready services and dapps that can be listed in our upcoming marketplace for decentralized APIs.

We help transform existing APIs into dServices — and whether you’re transforming a legacy API, or building a decentralized service from scratch, we know that a little extra funding can’t hurt!

Consider this another friendly reminder that we’re looking for partners to try the ORE protocol as alpha launch partners, including first listings in the upcoming API Market launch.

Have an existing API that you’d like to transform into a dService? Check out our GitHub repo, and send us an email to be considered to become one of our alpha partners. Current launch partners including HADRON, Inflect, GBOX, SpringRole, and TastyTime to name a few. We’re actively seeking companies with APIs for partnership — both in the blockchain/crypto space and beyond.

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