AIKON launches Alpha + Bounty Program Kick Off 🚀

It’s here! >> alpha is open to developers everywhere for early adopter testing! offers a simple interface that handles the complexity of integrating blockchain-based services with the current world of software. gives developers everywhere a:

  • simplified API rights management protocol
  • stable payment token
  • decentralized marketplace

Together, these allow the apps of today to use the latest blockchain technologies and decentralized businesses to sell their APIs to traditional companies.

Come test the marketplace with your first API call and enter our fun contest :: Deep Space Bounty Hunters: Quest for Astrocat 😺

Last week we gave early access to some of our earliest community members, and over the next few months we’ll roll out bounties for product, security, social media and more. Our bounty program will be hosted on Bitcointalk (here); so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for more bounties as we go.

Without further ado, let’s see who will win the Quest for Astrocat right meow!

Yes, yes, we did — our next bounty is searching the universe for our furry feline friends.

Why all the crazy cat business?

It’s quite science-y actually. Our launch partner HADRON has an awesome AI API that is enabling Hubble space researchers at STScI (Space Technology Science Institute) to explore objects in space, faster and more cost effectively. This is enabled by AIKON’s ORE Protocol — which makes it easier for innovative blockchain companies to work with even the most traditional agencies without bureaucratic overhead. Astronomy is actually being done — faster, cheaper, and more easily.

So, why cats, again?

HADRON’s AI processes the space images and searches them for ‘known’ items that the AI has learned. Except, instead of quasars, the AI is trained on terrestrial objects (like cats!). If you’re a space nerd like us you can watch this video to learn more about exactly how transfer learning works for this project.

To make testing the alpha version of the marketplace more fun, we’re giving early adopters access to a test version of the same image-recognition AI that astronomers are using to find Cats (and other dark matter) in space.

We’ll tell you how to enter the challenge and earn ORE below. But wait, there’s more:


TODAY, join astronomer Josh Peek, HADRON CEO Cliff Szu and AIKON’s Chief Product Officer Marc Blinder on Reddit for an Ask Me Anything on this cryptocurrency + blockchain + AI project. Ask your questions here on /cryptocurrency


Ready to enter the Quest for Astrocat Bounty Challenge?

In this bounty, developer should register for with your GitHub account, and test out the Deep Space Bounty Hunters API to search for Cats in space.

(Not a developer, check out our other bounties just for you)

First time users will be given 30 free CPU credits for you to make 25 calls — it’s your job to find the space image that returns back the largest likelihood of a Cat. (We’ve given you a few extra CPU for trial-and-error). Already completed our first challenge? You’ll be able to top off your CPU and try again.

Find a cat? The bounty winner is the first person to post their image number on our bitcointalk with the winning feline image. (The grand prize winner of this bounty will receive 1000 ORE token Credits, and 1000 HADRON coins; but the 50 slots first participants will be awarded 250 ORE, too) Read the rules here for more details.

Good luck!

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