Newest API Provider BlockCypher hits!

BlockCypher’s Blockchain API is live in our marketplace.

BlockCypher is a cloud-optimized platform powering blockchain applications reliably and at-scale based in AIKON’s neighboring Redwood City. BlockCypher’s web services are blockchain agnostic and greatly reduce the complexity of building applications that run on multiple blockchains.

The BlockCypher team started about 5 years ago and like so many startup stories, the team originally co-founded a mobile app company before an ah-a moment led towards their current focus on blockchain technology. In their search for a payment solution, they came upon bitcoin (and the underlying blockchain) as a compelling option — since existing solutions were slow, had high fees or chargebacks or other issues that hurt merchants (sound familiar?). When the company found how few tools existed for blockchain developers, they created BlockCypher. The rest is history.

BlockCypher is on a mission to enable developers to quickly build, launch, and run blockchain applications in production that use one or more blockchains.

Of course, this resonates deeply with us!

Building blockchain agnostic tools and services is critical for blockchain to reach mass adoption.

About the API: Blockchain API

The first component of the BlockCypher API allows developers to query general information about blockchain and blocks based on multiple coin/chain resources of choice. (The BlockCypher Block Explorer, calls the Blockchain API to get all the data seen for bitcoin, litecoin, dash, dogecoin, bitcoin testnet and BlockCypher testnet.)

Ready to try Block Explorer? provides free CPU to make your first API call and is currently rewarding early adopters of the platform with ORE tokens.

What kind of API consumer is BlockCypher looking for?

  • Those who want to future proof their applications and be blockchain agnostic
  • Those who want to focus on the application and customers, not backend blockchain infrastructure
  • Those who do not have the time or expertise to learn multiple blockchains in depth.

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