Open Rights Exchange Whitepaper

Read the: Open Rights Exchange Whitepaper

Single Sign-On for Blockchain Identities, optimized for managing digital assets across chains.

At AIKON, we are focused on solving the mass-adoption problem for blockchain. When we started this company we believed in the future of digital assets and worked hard on solutions to allow users to benefit from the tokenization of these assets, whether they be digital goods, licenses or rights.

Along the way, the problem we saw from all of our customers and partners was something more fundamental, a problem of user experience, on-boarding and identity. From this came ORE ID, an identity solution we developed to solve this problem for both Dapp developers and enterprises with an existing customer base looking to adopt blockchain solutions.

2019 and the future…

The path forward is a marriage between our original mission to help users and businesses manage their digital rights, with the ability for users to manage their identities in a seamless user experience already used by thousands of users today.

We have built the Open Rights Exchange (ORE), an open-source set of standards, to provide a unified interface for managing access control, authentication, and financial settlement. ORE can connect off-chain identities (such as Facebook or Google), to multiple public blockchains so that traditional businesses can seamlessly move their users onto the blockchain or allow Dapps to vastly improve their user on-boarding conversion rates.

Over the next five years, ORE will enable 100 million people around the world to use blockchain applications for the first time.

We hope you find our mission as exciting as we do! If you would like to discuss our whitepaper or are interested in working with us to enhance your business, you can find us on Telegram. You can also find out more about using ORE ID here.

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Important Notice: ORE users will need to bridge tokens to Ethereum over the pNetwork bridge by December 21, 2023