AIKON 2019 Recap


Hi AIKON friends!

It’s been a whirlwind of a year for crypto and all of us at AIKON, and we thought we’d take a look back at what has happened. There’s been a lot of growth, some hurdles in the network, new partnerships and much more! Let’s dive right in.


Kicking off with the exciting stats for the year:

  • Over 23,500+ accounts created
  • Over 120,000+ Transactions signed
  • Over 74,000+ ORE Tokens Staked
  • 16 Block Producers

Over half of the accounts created and transactions signed occurred in Q4 alone, meaning the our trajectory is only looking better as usage on our chain accelerates.

Our biggest customer for the year went live, Moonlighting who is also behind a lot of the growth in blockchain usage we mentioned above.

New Features

We launched a slew of features to better support the needs and wants of our customers including:

  • Transactions Whitelisting
  • Transactions Auto-signing
  • REX Integration
  • First Authorizer Implementation
  • Passwordless & SMS logins
  • Instagram & Apple Logins
  • PIN Recovery

If you can’t tell there was a big focus on the end user experience here! If our customer’s customers are happy, then everyone wins.


A couple key partnerships were also essential to make some of this happen, and our relationships with Carbon and LiquidApps have been vital to us developing the end to end experience both our Developers want and their users need.

EOS Mainnet

This year has been an interesting one for EOS and during the 2nd half the network has definitely been put through the ringer. Starting with the good we finally have a timeline for the exciting Voice beta that announced, slated to launch February 14th.

The hurdles everyone had to deal with this year involved network congestion. The most impacting right now is the controversial EIDOS Mining Airdrop that promotes spamming of the network and made things nearly impossible for people to stake enough EOS for themselves to get enough CPU to transact. The resulting pitfall also clogged up the REX network so even buying REX to stake to yourself became difficult.

Maybe coincidental, but just before this EOS also released 1.8 updates that included a feature called First Authorizer which allows anyone to pay for resources on another’s behalf. This has now become the norm for Dapps operating on the EOS blockchain.

New Whitepaper

Despite all that, the team has been pushing forward in our vision and recently released our new Whitepaper. We hope you take a look if you’re curious about the future of the Open Rights Exchange Blockchain!

Offsite Retreat

We also held one strategy offsite in the beautiful Marin headlands just north of San Francisco that involved some higher level talks, a hike through the redwoods and an internal LiquidApps hackathon.

We’ve been hard on the gas through the end of the year, doing several major refactors to get into a good position to ramp up for our big customer and major platform update plans early next year.

If you and your business are curious about how blockchain solutions can help you grow, check out our previous article, “Two Solutions Blockchain can offer your Business Today.”

We hope everyone has a wonderful holiday and a happy new year!



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