WAX and AIKON partner to bring more enterprise viability to the WAX Blockchain

WAX and AIKON are excited to announce a partnership that will bring AIKON’s ORE ID blockchain identity service to the WAX Blockchain, making it easy for developers and companies to get their customers using WAX. AIKON will make their ORE ID API library, which is geared toward streamlining enterprise adoption of blockchain solutions, accessible to developers who build on WAX.

WAX has already established itself as a proven blockchain with massive scale in delivering one of the largest and most active digital asset exchanges, OPSKINS, and the migration of numerous huge players in EOS including KARMA and ITAM games. AIKON hopes to expand this with ORE ID’s enterprise solutions including providing a completely seamless blockchain on-ramp experience for existing centralized apps, providing a single API library that supports multiple chains and data privacy conscious identities.

  • ORE ID Enterprise provides one of the easiest ways for enterprise customers to transition their existing users to the blockchain and can be adapted to any onboarding experience.
  • ORE ID libraries will support a multitude of chains including WAX, EOS, Ethereum, TRON and more, allowing developers to launch their dapps on multiple chains easily with one API.
  • ORE ID as an identity solution was built with privacy and security in mind and provides tools to manage GDPR and CCPA compliance.

With these solutions, dApps from other blockchains such as Ethereum and TRON can easily port their application over to the WAX blockchain. And enterprises interested in adopting digital assets can leverage WAX’s powerful asset exchange tools by migrating their users to the WAX chain.

AIKON has long been inspired by the team at WAX and the scale they’ve been able to accomplish. “Everyone on our team loves WAX — especially their focus on usability and mass adoption,” said Marc Blinder, CEO of AIKON. “ORE ID brings that same emphasis on usability for centralized companies that want to make the move to blockchain or dApps that want a single sign-on solution for multiple chains.”

“WAX is really excited for AIKON to join the platform,” says Evan Vandenberg, Director of Business Development for WAX. “AIKON’s outstanding team has shown significant progress in onboarding enterprise-level customers, outside of the blockchain space, to utilize blockchain technology. I’m very excited that the AIKON team can bring their impressive tech offerings to the WAX development community. “

Together, AIKON and WAX hope to provide that tipping point that large enterprises have been waiting for in their consideration to adopt a blockchain strategy.



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