Announcing AIKON’s Guild Candidacy for the WAX blockchain

AIKON is currently developing the leading Identity & Data Security enterprise blockchain solutions built on EOS.IO software. Based in San Francisco, CA, we are rethinking Identity and rights management for the decentralized internet. We create technology and tools for developers to build practical, usable blockchain applications that are accessible to mass-market consumers.

Our mission is to enable everyone to have control over their data and assets, and our goal is to support adoption of public blockchains like WAX. AIKON also operates block production for our own purpose built chain, the ORE blockchain.

Company Info

Candidate Name: aikonproduce







AIKON Github

Open Source Github: Open Rights Exchange

Server Infrastructure

All servers are virtual machines in the Cloud unless/until performance needs dictate otherwise with the first nodes in Tokyo and Bahrain, with others to be stood up elsewhere around the globe to improve geographical diversity for the network. Node locations after the primary Tokyo producing node will be selected from geographies with few or no existing WAX nodes.

AIKON’s node infrastructure is maintained by our Senior Systems Architect who has over 30 years of experience working with TCP/IP network design and implementation, and Unix/Linux on physical hardware and virtual machines.

Thoughts on Governance

We believe that one of the most important responsibilities of block producers after node performance is participating and voting on the governance of the network. As our solutions are geared towards enabling mass adoption we maintain a strong sense of responsibility in making sure we do our best to guide the network evolution to benefit and create meaningful value to all users, and not solely token valuation. As our user base continues to grow we will regularly monitor and gauge the needs of these users and be their voice and advocate to the benefit of all participants of the chain network.

Thoughts on Security

As identity is a core component of AIKON’s solutions, security is the most important aspect and one of the main ways we hope to bring value to users across the globe.

Protecting Customers

Regarding our customers and partners, we ensure that our systems prohibit malicious actors from being able to take over an account or drain its assets with our careful hierarchical permissions structure and our implementation of actions whitelisting.

Protecting End Users

For end users, we are constantly weighing the options between security, control and education when designing our UX, making sure we follow the latest security best practices and that all data is encrypted, such that we have followed Ledger’s example when allowing a user to export their account by requiring the user to bring their own generated keypair, rather than exposing their private key like many other solutions out there. The actions whitelisting also protects users from performing unintended actions.

As we realize that many of our users will be coming to the blockchain for the first time, education becomes a critical part in our user’s success to guide them towards more advanced features like the ability to export and take full control over their account if they so wish.

We hope to further empower users and protect their information with a number of GDPR and CCPA compliant solutions we are working on in the future.

Thoughts on Transparency and Accountability

We believe in value of transparency and have from the beginning open sourced many of our core code that provide the building blocks for our value added services such as ORE ID. As mentioned above, security is paramount for our users and we make efforts to ensure we are using the latest security encryption standards and best practices. With our next set of solutions to help solve GDPR and CCPA compliance issues for enterprises, we hope to take both user transparency and security to the next level and hold ourselves accountable for any fault in our products, services and contributions that go against the well being of our users, partners and the network.

Community Benefit Projects

AIKON has created multiple open source offerings for the broader eosio community including the createescrow contract, the ORE protocol and ChainJS. We’ll support Wax with ongoing closed source and open source software development.

AIKON’s open source libraries available for anyone to use and contribute to here:

Our latest library, ChainJS, is a Javascript helper library that provides a plug-in interface to multiple block chain libraries (like EOS, WAX, Worbli, Ethereum, TRON, etc.)

We are thrilled to join the WAX Guild and contribute to their exciting ecosystem.



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