1World Online and AIKON partner to transform the future of digital ad & user engagement

We have another exciting partnership announcement today with an amazing partner in the ad tech space. 1World Online has been making waves with its transformative ad unit, boosting engagement and retention for major news outlets such as Forbes, Newsweek, International Business Times, Reuters and the San Francisco Media Company. They’ve been in the game since 2011, which is a good indicator that they’ll be here to stay a while.

1World Online deploys an innovative ad poll unit that incentivizes users with token rewards to interact with these polls and learn more about how others around the nation or world are voting on the same issues. Attached to the polls and the insights pages are targeted ads related to the poll topic, meaning publishers are able to serve even more relevant ads to already engaged users. This is exactly what they deployed for a case study with Newsweek, and here were the findings.

Newsweek Case Study

1World deployed +1,000 custom polls for Newsweek with targeted ads attached to the poll as shown in the above example.

Here we can see ad impressions and how many people voted. That’s roughly 4%, 8.8% and 7.7% engagement rates respectively, which are fairly impressive in the ad space which sees an average of 0.35% click through rate across all industries according to this article by HubSpot. https://blog.hubspot.com/agency/google-adwords-benchmark-data

Engaged users are also able to see an insights page that show more details about the poll, how others around the world voted and also provide even more space for other relevant ads to be served to highly valuable users.

The results after 6 weeks are seen in the figures above. The numbers show that the polls were successful in not only engaging users, but keeping them them on the publisher site for a longer duration on average, resulting in a significant bump in ad revenue.

AIKON + 1World integration

Our partnership will bring to reality, the incentive models of the 1World Online platform utilizing the 1WO ERC-20 token, and make that accessible to everyone with our simple user onboarding solution. That means any user who votes on any of the 1World Online polls will be able to exchange their tokens for real rewards. 1WO tokens are already available on various exchanges so users will be able to cash in on their participation for real monetary value, and 1World is also working on further plans for how users may be able to exchange their tokens for other rewards in the future.

You can read more about the 1World Online Network and how publishers and advertisers benefit from the network incentives model here.

The other major piece that we are helping 1World with is ensuring all parties remain GDPR compliant with their user data handling practices. We’re in the early stages of scoping out our solutions, but we’re pretty excited to be able to push forward the next generation of web identity that protects the users from data leaks, poor data handling practices, from their data being sold and gives users full transparency over who has access to their data. More on that to come in the future 🙂

Stay safe out there

As a last note to everyone, we hope everyone is keeping safe during this global pandemic. There is a lot of fear and uncertainty going on around the world due to the Coronavirus, and it’s an unfortunate fact that people will be affected, whether by contracting the COVID-19 virus directly, or as a result of the industries that will be impacted. Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone.

What this means for AIKON is ultimately not much change and it’s mostly business as usual. Our team has been fortunate in that we’ve already been working fully remote since the new year and have not had to deal with any workplace transitions. Some of our team have chosen to hunker down with nearby family and for the most part we’ve been chugging along like normal apart from opting to take our investor and sales meetings online rather than in person. Also, we’re all washing our hands a little bit more.

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