ORE Network website is now live!

You may be surprised to hear, but the Open Rights Exchange blockchain has been a functioning blockchain for over a year already. We’re blessed to have some very awesome partners signed up to be block producers and have stuck with us through all the ups and downs of the EOS ecosystem (which indirectly impacts us because we have built the ORE Network using EOSIO software).

As we continue to develop the Open Rights Exchange network, including building new partnerships, and the underlying open source technologies that contribute to the blockchain, we saw fit to provide a single destination to see all the latest details about the ORE Network and act as a resource for developers and the larger community of ORE supporters.

For that we have launched a new site, https://ore.network

Please check it out and we look forward to unveiling more projects we’ve been working on in the future! Hope everyone is staying safe out there.

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