Announcing ChainJS, helping developers build for multiple blockchains

Developers tend to choose different blockchains for different benefits, whether they’re looking to interface with a specific layer 2 solution, are concerned about token liquidity, chain performance or just have an opinion on chain governance. There are great applications being built on many different blockchains at the same time, and unfortunately that also means the user base is fragmented. That leaves many developers going through the painstaking process of porting their dapps to multiple chains, each with their own intricacies and complications.

That’s where AIKON is hoping to make an impact. We’ve always had aspirations to provide chain agnostic solutions, and believe the benefits of ORE ID built on our own side chain, the ORE blockchain, could become a powerful identity solution for the next generation of web technologies, no matter what blockchain the solution is built — or even non-blockchain solutions. With that goal in mind, we have built and launched ChainJS, a javascript helper library that provides a plug-in interface to multiple blockchain libraries.

Developers can use ChainJS to have their codebase seamlessly integrate with multiple chains. It is an open source library with included plugin support for EOS and Ethereum first. ChainJS is also great for new blockchains looking to get developers onto their chain by porting their existing dapps.

We hope to work with the community to develop plugins for more and more popular blockchains in the future!

Check out ChainJS here,



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