Four ways ORE ID helps your company launch on Algorand

AIKON provides an identity as a service solution called ORE ID that allows companies to get their customers onto Algorand quickly. For your end users, ORE ID provides a consumer friendly user experience so that they do not need to understand blockchain, or how to set up wallets in-order to interact with your app.

For Algorand, ORE ID does more than just provide a seamless user onboarding experience. This includes:

  1. Wallet creation & key management – linked to a user’s social login or email address making onboarding super easy. They also support Algorand’s multi-sig wallets and re-keying functionality.
  2. Mass Migration – ORE ID can create wallets for your entire database of users through our API. This allows you to launch tokens on Algorand without changing your user experience.
  3. Funding & paying fees for your users – your users don’t need to get any ALGO tokens to get started.
  4. And automates opting-in to a token – so that you can deliver tokens without the complexity of sending a zero value transaction first.

1. Wallet Creation & Key Management

ORE ID user’s login and get an account using common social logins or their email address making onboarding seamless and easy. On Algorand, you may also choose to configure your user’s account as multi-sig wallets, allowing you to provide your users a secure way to recover a forgotten wallet password, because let’s face it, we are imperfect and not everyone is going to be savvy enough to follow secure password best practices. 

By doing this via multi-sig wallets, it provides another level of security that affords the developers the time and space to verify through email that the user is actually who they say they are. This security measure can be used in the case of an aforementioned wallet recovery flow or to important transactions such as withdrawals.

2. Mass Migration

Our API ( provides the ability for applications to create wallets for their users based on an existing login, whether you have their Facebook ID, email address or phone number. For companies that have an existing user base and are launching their first ASA on Algorand, this allows you to roll out a program for your entire user base overnight through a batch process. Done completely behind the scenes for your users, you won’t have to deal with the issue of educating and onboarding them, and all they have to do is wake up to their fully configured and funded wallet!

3. Funding & Paying Fees for Your Users

On Algorand, each wallet has to have a minimum of 0.1 Algos in it. Although this isn’t a large amount of money, usually just a few cents, it’s complicated for users to manage the process of getting those tokens. ORE ID allows companies to fund wallets on their users’ behalf, making the process seamless for users.

In the same vein, for businesses that are interested in using the Algorand chain as a backend behind the scenes, ORE ID can also be used to cover the on chain transaction fees, removing that friction for their users entirely.

4. Automate Token Opt-in

Rewarding your users via airdrops or for interacting with your dapp is simple with ORE ID. ORE ID provides a number of API endpoints for the most common functions such as getting a user, initiating transactions and airdrops. On Algorand this is particularly useful, because each user needs to first send a zero balance transaction for a token BEFORE they can receive tokens. 

ORE ID can automate that process, making everyone’s lives easier.

Using the ORE ID Javascript library, automating these sorts of token transactions or rewards are simple for any developer to understand, reducing the burden to learn new languages that are required to program special smart contracts.

ORE ID’s goal is to accelerate blockchain adoption and development, and AIKON is continuing to work on features that improve the developer experience, ease of integration and security for your users. If you are interested in blockchain solutions for your business, the team at AIKON would love to chat with you and see how we can help!



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