How Is Identity Secured in Blockchain and How AIKON Makes It Possible

In the modern world, one of the most valuable assets is identity, but keeping it safe has not always been so easy to accomplish. And it’s getting increasingly tougher to do the more we move our activities to the online realm. 

Even though identity management has evolved over time, it has always had two goals: 

  1. Authentication – proving the person is who they are.
  2. Authorization – providing access to resources.

The more identity is targeted by malicious entities and misused by large corporate entities, the greater the need to find novel ways of keeping it safe. Blockchain in particular offers plenty of possibilities for keeping identity information intact and protected from misuse.  

AIKON provides top-level blockchain identity management solutions – ORE ID and ORE Protocol. Dedicated to facilitating companies to move their backend operations to the blockchain in order to optimize their operations, AIKON has created a means of securing user identities on the blockchain by effectively tokenizing a user’s digital identity. 

With a person’s digital identity secured with blockchain-based cryptography, companies can allow people to participate in their applications with minimal data sharing. This effort toward data minimization reduces the attack surface for hackers and makes the data a much less appealing target to hack. 

ORE ID still utilizes social logins for blockchain identity verification, so that individuals and companies can seamlessly create blockchain identities. However, we follow the same principles of data minimization and creating multiple public keys for each user, to protect their privacy while they use the system.    

Whether that is on a single blockchain or multiple ones, no personally identifiable information (PII) is ever written to any public ledger.

Therefore, creating the link between the known and unknown — or in AIKON’s case, between real-life and off-chain identities (like from Google or Facebook) — provides the necessary support system that allows any user to easily take their first steps into the blockchain world.

With ORE ID, companies also benefit by being able to  safely and quickly transfer their existing user bases to the blockchain, thus enabling them to take advantage of all the benefits of the blockchain without compromising on user experience. 

Secure identity technologies like the ones AIKON provides are opening the door for getting projects off the ground and gaining mass blockchain adoption. Just like corporate Intranets were replaced by the Internet used by companies worldwide, so will private blockchains eventually be pushed to the side by public ones. This is primarily because they offer a level of interoperability and innovation private blockchains can’t keep up with. 

With AIKON’s solutions, it is exactly people who decide how much of their personal and sensitive information is shared on the Internet and with whom. At the same time, they are able to establish a secure presence in multiple blockchain networks and use several Dapps consistently with a single click.

On the ORE Blockchain, a users’ virtual identity is broken down into multiple public keys that can’t be correlated. Improving privacy through obscurity. 

Finally, if the imperative is to keep your identity secure – then why not move to blockchain and do the same for your business? With AIKON’s ORE ID and ORE Protocol, the solutions to your identity safety problems are just a click away. Try AIKON now and watch your business grow!

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