Republic Journey 1: The Company Background

With the rise of blockchain technology and recognizing the value of cryptocurrencies, the realm of venture capital has found its way into this brave new world. 

It seems that both VC and blockchain have a lot to bring to the table and we are here for it. For that reason, AIKON and Republic have been working together for the last few months to bring traditional investors to the blockchain. 

If you are one of the venture capitalists looking to implement your blockchain investment strategy but aren’t quite sure how to go about it and what your user journey with AIKON will look like, continue reading this blog post. 

It will be the first in the series showcasing the experience of Republic collaborating with AIKON on bringing the two worlds together for all users. This blog post will introduce you to Republic — the company. 

Read on! 

What is Republic? is a fundraising ecosystem founded in 2016 with the goal of providing startups with the tools and platform needed to raise capital from all types of investors, including those interested in blockchain investments. 

The idea behind Republic is to democratize the investment landscape and allow anyone to become an angel investor and drive startup investing as a mainstream investment class.

By curating private investment opportunities, high-growth potential is made available across the startup, real estate, gaming, and crypto sectors. 

Out of all startups that apply to be included in Republic’s selection, only 3% pass the due diligence and investment committee appraisal. This high level of inquiry provides special insight into the inner workings of the proposed blockchain investment projects, as well as expected investment yield rates. 

In an effort to level the playing field for entrepreneurs and investors alike, Republic offers the lowest investment minimums in the industry starting at $10. This also allows everyone to dip their toes in multiple investment pools and build highly diversified portfolios. 

Investing via a platform such as Republic means that you’ll be in good company as notable angel investors and VCs, as well as Republic itself, have a vested interest in all the projects they feature. 

As of October 2020, more than 700.000 Republic users have invested over $200 million in 250+ completed deals.  

If that is not “stuff the future is made of,” we don’t know what is! 

As already said, crypto investing is just one of the landscapes you can enter with Republic. However, companies in the blockchain space can present a variety of innovative opportunities for a keen investor. Consequently, Republic offers a full-stack solution for launching digital assets that includes token design, minting, fundraising, and issuance, to name a few. 

Working with Republic means that you will have access to their advisory services that not only tend to your needs and preferences but also make sure the entire process is compliant with the relevant US legislation. 

If you’re not from the States, that’s not a problem either — international investors are also welcome to join the realm of venture capital via the Republic platform and utilize it to their advantage. 

By joining forces with AIKON, access to blockchain investments through Republic has been made incredibly accessible to everyone. 

How Are AIKON and Republic Working Together?

Republic has implemented AIKON’s flagship identity management solution — ORE ID — with the purpose of creating multi-sig accounts. This will enable secure password recovery and administrative wallet accounts. 

To enable mass blockchain adoption, utilizing ORE ID creates a user-friendly way for users who are not crypto-savvy to find and join the best blockchain investments. 

This collaboration allows non-technical, mainstream Republic users to log into blockchain DApps using their existing email addresses and social logins. Also, ORE ID enables users to keep custody of their digital assets at all times via a built-in non-custodial crypto wallet. 

This is a fantastic opportunity for all interested in high-growth private investment opportunities on blockchain — where high-net-worth individuals and companies have easy and secure access via social accounts. 

Together, we have paved the way for innovation to become part of our daily lives. Get in on the high-flying crypto investing scene! 

Check out AIKON’s solutions and follow our blog for the continuation of Republic’s user journey with AIKON. 

Stay tuned! 



AIKON, a San Francisco-based VC-backed firm, was founded in 2017 with the goal of enabling the digital asset economy and empowering users from all over the globe by securing their personal information via blockchain. 

AIKON has developed the Open Rights Exchange (ORE) protocols to manage access to digital rights and access, and has been enabling mainstream blockchain adoption with its ORE ID secure identity service. With ORE ID, AIKON aims to foster a new era of secure identities that protects users and their data, powered by the blockchain. Follow us on Twitter or connect with us on Telegram!

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