Republic Journey 4: Working With AIKON

In this series of articles, we’ve outlined Republic’s background, motivation to build on blockchain, and the specific issues AIKON was able to solve by implementing our authorization and authentication platform ORE ID

In this article, we will be covering the onboarding process as part of the AIKON partnership experience. 

Let’s dig into it!

Easy Onboarding

Part of the user experience with AIKON is a seamless integration solution into existing internal processes. For example the integration of ORE ID into the Republic’s infrastructure. 

With the technology being easy to integrate with simple Javascript-based API, we avoided technical hurdles for Republic’s developers having to learn new technology. 

Moreover, we pride ourselves in having open communication channels with all our customers and Republic is no exception — we share a Slack channel with Republic and hold weekly meetings for the sake of free information flow and resolving any potential issues. 

Prevalence of the Human Touch

AIKON and Republic have developed more than just an ordinary service provider-client relationship. From the beginning of the onboarding process, it was all about the human connection — big ideas joining people together, great minds thinking alike, and ultimately forging a strong collaboration for achieving a common goal. 

Meeting team members through networking events in the San Francisco Bay area — pre-COVID, of course — granted representatives of both companies a chance to spark interest in one another and connect over the very things that got them into the business in the first place. 

When asked what is the best aspect of working with AIKON — people, processes, pace — Republic’s representatives responded: 

“Definitely people, as well as the mission of the project. Marc Blinder, the AIKON CEO, is a great person to work and partner with.” 

Since its inception, the entire Team AIKON has been focused on enabling, facilitating, and promoting the mass adoption of blockchain technology. 

Our relationship-building and problem-solving abilities are what prevailed in Republic’s decision to integrate AIKON’s solution instead of building one in-house. 

Enhancing User Experience

AIKON is guided by the notion that the future of information hinges on the decentralization of data control and democratization of access to platforms like Republic. 

To overcome the gap between the existing infrastructure and the one we are striving to establish, we’ve built ORE ID to allow users to gain access to Web3 solutions — blockchain dApps — via Web2-based credentials — email, SMS, and social media logins. 

By affording equal opportunities to all blockchain users, the technology affords limitless potential for overcoming fundamental disparities in human circumstances — be it in the financial, educational, or basic human rights department. 

That makes AIKON’s solutions vital to the ecosystem, as seamless user experience directly corresponds to the increase in the adoption rate and consequentially, the growth of the blockchain platform. 

AIKON and Republic are on this journey together. 

Learn about AIKON’s solutions and follow our blog for more articles in the series. 

Stay tuned! 



AIKON, a San Francisco-based VC-backed firm, was founded in 2017 to enable the digital asset economy and empower users from all over the globe by securing their personal information via blockchain. 

AIKON has developed the Open Rights Exchange (ORE) protocols to manage access to digital rights and access, and has been enabling mainstream blockchain adoption with its ORE ID secure identity service and ORE Vault — shared wallet for teams. With its solutions, AIKON aims to foster a new era of secure identities that protects users and their data, powered by the blockchain. 

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