Republic Journey 5: What’s Next — Long-Term Plans and Vision

We’ve covered a number of topics through our series of blog posts featuring Republic. You’ve had the chance to read about the company and its democratization of investing through equity crowdfunding, the move to the blockchain, specific issues AIKON was able to offer solutions to, and a deeper dive into collaboration with AIKON

This post will showcase the two companies’ shared mission and vision concerning blockchain adoption scalability and mass acceptance. 

Crypto Investing Available to Non-Technical Users

As a company aiming to democratize private investment opportunities, Republic aims to make its platform user-friendly, educational, and comprehensive. Startups can raise capital from a number of institutional investors, including angels or venture funds. While expanding the increasingly competitive landscape of promising startups needing initial investment, the blockchain and cryptocurrency market stood out. 

The issue — how will people use it? 

AIKON is committed to solving blockchain adoption challenges by offering a seamless user experience to all the platforms to improve their processes and customer offerings. 

This is at the center of both companies’ collaboration — offering investment opportunities to everyone (Republic) by not compromising the user experience (AIKON). 

Bearing in mind that the majority of people interested in the crypto investing ecosystem are not very technical, thus transgressing the boundaries between old and new technologies is crucial for rapidly increasing the blockchain adoption rate. 

Opening Blockchain to Everyone

When it comes to the new development prospects of their platform, Bryan from Republic has stated that: 

“Integration of AIKON is opening the possibility of Republic being able to support more and more of the blockchain ecosystem by making the user onboarding experience simpler.”

To that end, the quality of the solutions AIKON offers has motivated Republic to integrate ORE ID — a universal authentication & authorization platform for blockchain — instead of building something similar in-house. 

In regard to the long-term plans for collaboration between AIKON and Republic, they are focused on enabling global blockchain adoption by enabling the scaling of existing blockchain structures. 

“We are looking at exploring ways to support blockchain projects from multiple Layer1 protocols on a deeper level, and AIKON is extremely beneficial as a technology partner to enhance the user experience”, Bryan from Republic has stated. 

Layer-1 solutions refer to the underlying main blockchain architecture, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Algorand, and others. This is a basis for creating an overlaying network lying on top of the underlying blockchain — Layer-2 solutions like Bitcoin’s Lightning Network, Ethereum’s Raiden Network, or Algorand’s Republic platform

As new layers are added to the blockchain infrastructure — to take off the strain of the base chain — blockchains are enabled to grow, support increasingly large numbers of users, and ultimately become the accepted alternative to traditional systems.

Furthermore, as even more blockchain Layer-1 solutions are integrated into AIKON’s solutions, Republic will be supported by a larger part of the blockchain ecosystem. 

The Republic Note 

In collaboration with AIKON, Republic is leveraging the Algorand blockchain infrastructure to enable low-cost, high throughput volumes in order to power its profit-sharing token — the Republic Note. Read more about why Republic is excited to build the Note with Algorand here. 

The Republic Note is issued as an Algorand Standard Asset (ASA), thus providing unique speed and interoperability capabilities to further blockchain adoption scalability. 

Best of all, via AIKON’s ORE ID, multisig wallet accounts are created to distribute the profits to investors in proportion to the number of tokens owned. 

ORE ID solution makes the user experience of a typical Republic user seamless when venturing into the blockchain — aiming to be an industry standard. 

Check out AIKON’s solutions and follow our blog for the rest of Republic’s user journey with AIKON. 

Stay tuned! 

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