Caitlin Abejon Joins AIKON’s Leadership Team

AIKON is excited to welcome Caitlin Abejon to our leadership team as VP of Marketing and Customer Experience. 

Caitlin will drive AIKON’s marketing strategy and end-to-end customer experience for our rapidly growing enterprise client base including Algorand, Republic, Alliance Block and more. 

She joins the team at a time of extreme company growth as AIKON continues its expansion of easy-to-use blockchain products and services—including the recent release of AIKON’s enterprise-grade, multisig wallet, ORE Vault, and the soon-to-be launched Wallet Connect integration

“Caitlin’s strategic customer vision, marketing expertise and data-driven mentality will enable AIKON to further our vision of bringing blockchain technology to the masses by better understanding and executing on the needs of our customers,” explains AIKON CEO, Marc Blinder.

Prior to AIKON, Caitlin led content marketing at Ripple, where she managed a social community of over 1M followers, crafted content for a wide ranging audience—including financial institutions, regulators and developers—and launched Ripple’s first podcast, Block Stars. 

Before Ripple, Caitlin worked at Greylock Partners, a leading venture capital firm, managing the marketing efforts for their portfolio companies through podcast production, event marketing, content and community engagement. 

This expertise will help AIKON scale our customer experience and set the foundation for our long-term marketing efforts.

“Blockchain and crypto technology has the power to change the way both businesses and consumers manage and transfer digital assets. But, like the early days of the internet, the true power behind this technology is still being grasped and is currently far too complex to understand, let alone use every day,” says Caitlin.

She continues, “AIKON is changing this with easy-to-use, real-world products and a team of industry experts. I’m thrilled to be part of the AIKON team and help achieve this vision.”

We’re adding to the AIKON team. If you’re interested in bringing blockchain technology to the masses, contact us today!



AIKON, a San Francisco-based VC-backed firm, was founded in 2017 to enable the digital asset economy and empower users from all over the globe by securing their personal information via blockchain. 

AIKON has developed the Open Rights Exchange (ORE) protocols to manage access to digital rights and access, and has been enabling mainstream blockchain adoption with its ORE ID secure identity service and ORE Vault — shared wallet for teams. With its solutions, AIKON aims to foster a new era of secure identities that protects users and their data, powered by the blockchain. 

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