The Algorand Foundation Grant: One Year Later

Last year, AIKON and the Algorand Foundation announced a new partnership with the overarching goals of removing the inherent complexities associated with blockchain technology. 

Today, one year later, AIKON has accomplished the milestones originally set by the Algorand Foundation Grant: 

  1. Integrate the Algorand blockchain into AIKON’s blockchain identity authentication platform, ORE ID.
  2. Develop the Algorand plugin for Open Rights Exchange (ORE) Chain JS.

By delivering intuitive, secure, real-world blockchain solutions and providing blockchain developer education through Chain JS, AIKON—together with the Algorand Foundation community—is paving the way for faster blockchain adoption. 

ORE ID Algorand Integration

“The Algorand Blockchain has enabled AIKON to provide speed and price stability to our customers. The fact that our customers know the price of a transaction before executing is invaluable,” explains AIKON CEO Marc Blinder. “On top of their inherently sustainable solution, it’s been great partnering with the Foundation’s world-class cryptographers along the ORE ID integration process.”

ORE ID is a universal authentication and authorization platform for blockchain that enables enterprise customers to log in to multiple blockchain platforms—using the same details as they do to access their social media, email and SMS accounts.

Through solutions like ORE ID, users don’t even realize they are interacting with blockchain technology—thus removing complexities and increasing the number of consistent users—while, at the same time, enabling companies to meet their customer demands for intuitive, secure user experiences.

With the added scalability of the Algorand blockchain, AIKON’s ORE ID is solving real-world problems. 

ORE Chain JS Algorand Support

ORE Chain JS is delivering blockchain developer education that is so badly needed in this industry. The ORE Chain JS is an open-source JavaScript library that uses a plugin model and unified interface to enable constructions and transactions on the blockchain. 

This low-level Javascript helper library enables developers to write code that can work on multiple blockchains and enterprises to move their customer base to the blockchain. 

AIKON has made significant improvements to the ORE Chain JS library to support the Algorand chain DApp development and integration by means of a plugin, along with other chains including Ethereum and EOS. And today, we just launched ORE Chain JS 3.0! Check it out today.

Moreover, DApp developers interested in contributing to the ORE Chain JS to help AIKON incorporate Bitcoin and Cosmos blockchain can now do so. Both of these chains, when added to the ORE Chain JS library, have the potential to enable further scalability of AIKON’s solutions—Bitcoin for its sheer usage volume and Cosmos for enabling blockchains to communicate in a decentralized way, regardless of their functionalities.

What’s Next?  

Within the past year, AIKON has also launched ORE Vault—a shared wallet for secure digital asset management. And, currently, our engineers are in the final stages of adding the WalletConnect integration, enabling businesses to bridge to any app and wallet in the registry, including OpenSea, Uniswap, Binance DEX and more.

Furthermore, ORE Vault is already undergoing updates to enable businesses to manage NFT storage and transactions. 

Finally, we’re actively collaborating with the Algorand Foundation to craft standards for Algorand’s NFTs—among others!

And we’re just getting started.If you’re a business or developer interested in partnering with AIKON, contact us today.

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