AIKON Partners With Liquiid To Integrate Blockchain Solutions Into Unity Games

In a new strategic partnership, AIKON and Liquiid are changing the world of gaming by providing simple, secure blockchain solutions.

Using AIKON’s identification platform, ORE ID, Liquiid — a gaming pioneer utilizing blockchain — is providing game developers with a Unity SDK that seamlessly connects to a variety of blockchains. This functionality enables gamers to easily manage in-game items using blockchain technology — and not even realize it. 

As part of the partnership, Liquiid will exclusively offer AIKON’s ORE ID platform as their recommended identification management solution and ORE Vault, the enterprise-grade, multisig wallet, to those clients looking to easily manage digital assets and NFTs, cross-chain.

The meteoric rise in popularity of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) is opening new opportunities for players to own their in-game assets. Yet, this technology is challenging to quickly learn for gaming developers who have little expertise in blockchain — currently leaving gamers with a broken play-to-earn experience.

AIKON’s ORE ID blockchain-based solution enables companies and their end-users to create and manage their private keys without leaving the game. This capability removes the cumbersome and challenging blockchain sign-up process for gamers and allows developers to directly build in-game assets to blockchain.

Both ORE ID and ORE Vault were built on the Open Rights Exchange (ORE), a blockchain that interoperates with today’s leading public blockchains including Ethereum, Algorand, EOS and more. ORE is designed to be the bridge to mass blockchain adoption, by enabling billions of people to easily control their identity, assets and rights across various on-chain and off-chain applications — with a single universal account, ORE ID.

“The advent of NFTs has provided a unique opportunity for game developers to integrate blockchain technology and provide a seamless gaming experience,” says liquiid CEO Trang Minh Le Bozon. “With AIKON — in tandem with our Unity SDK — Liquiid is providing a simple and intuitive integration process and making blockchain accessible for the global gaming community.” 

“AIKON is helping companies adopt blockchain technology. Through our new partnership with Liquiid, we’re excited to bring that vision to the gaming industry. Liquiid’s gaming expertise combined with AIKON’s blockchain prowess will create innovative new solutions to game developers for years to come,” explains AIKON CEO Marc Blinder. 

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AIKON, a San Francisco-based VC-backed firm, was founded in 2017 to make blockchain simple for businesses. AIKON is enabling blockchain adoption with its ORE ID secure identity service and ORE Vault — shared wallet for teams, cross-chain. With its solutions, AIKON aims to foster a new era of secure identities that protects users and their assets, powered by blockchain technology. 

AIKON is the launch partner for the Open Rights Foundation which has developed the Open Rights Exchange (ORE) protocols that manage secure identities and digital assets across any blockchain. 

ABOUT Liquiid:

Liquiid was founded in 2020 to revolutionize the gaming world through the use of blockchain. Liquiid’s goal is to democratize the technology that makes its games possible, empowering a new generation of gamers and giving them equity within the games they play. In an ever-changing world, be Liquiid. 

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