Blockchain Solutions for Your Business

AIKON makes blockchain technology simple. We build cross-chain identity and wallet solutions on the ORE Network— so businesses don’t have to.

Grow Your Business With Blockchain

Whether you’re an industry expert or not, implementing blockchain technology — and tapping into its value — is difficult for both businesses and everyday consumers. 

At AIKON, we’re removing this complexity and providing real-world solutions with ORE ID and ORE Vault. 

Our Customers Are Able To:

Give users a simple, secure login experience

Easily manage and secure digital assets and NFTs

Launch DeFi projects or tokenized equity

AIKON allows you to start taking advantage of blockchain technology without your customers leaving your app. We have helped companies all over the world use Ethereum, Algorand, EOS and other chains. Get in touch to see how we can help your company with tokens, DeFi or non-fungible tokens (NFTs). 


Simple Login Experiences for Everyone

ORE ID is a single sign-on authentication platform that works cross-chain.

Used by both businesses and consumers, ORE ID allows users to manage their own keys — and ultimately their own identity — on any blockchain. 

ORE Vault

Receive, Send and Store Your Team’s Digital Assets

ORE Vault is a multisig, enterprise wallet that leverages ORE ID for any currency and NFT, cross-chain.

What Makes AIKON Different


Ethereum, Algorand, EOS, PolkaDot and more


End-users control their own identity and funds


Seamless private key management

Easy to Use

24 seconds to create an ORE ID account on your site

Our Customers Say It Best

“Providing the seamless blockchain experience facilitated by AIKON’s ORE ID product is a significant step in enabling companies to build on Algorand.”

Staci Warden
CEO, Algorand Foundation

“We are delighted to provide grant support for AIKON’s ORE ID, who we see as one of the most enterprise-friendly services for businesses that are adopting Algorand.”

Fanfang Chen
Algorand Foundation

“Liquiid is able to provide our clients with exclusive access to AIKON’s ORE ID, offering state-of-the-art management of digital assets and NFTs, cross-chain.”

Trang Ming Lê Bozon
CEO, Liquid

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