Marc Blinder

Launching (and the #OREtoken) with a “Developer First” perspective

One of our internal guiding principles at AIKON is doing things with a “Developer First” attitude. It’s our mission to empower developers everywhere to build the decentralized future and get paid fairly for their work. Internally, we talk about what this means from both a product and a business perspective but I wanted to put …

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The Open Rights Exchange Protocol

AIKON is committed to building a decentralized digital economy. Components of this new infrastructure — blockchain, Ethereum, smart contracts, decentralized storage and digital currencies — are already emerging. But fundamental links are still missing that convert this infrastructure into a unified, equal access platform for individuals, teams or small businesses to compete on the same playing field as multinational …

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Important Notice: ORE users will need to bridge tokens to Ethereum over the pNetwork bridge by December 21, 2023