Code of Conduct

Last updated: February 21, 2020

AIKON® is rethinking Identity and rights management for the decentralized Internet. We create technology and tools for developers to build practical, usable blockchain applications that are accessible to mass-market consumers. Our mission is to enable everyone to have control over their data and assets, and our goal is to support adoption of public blockchains like WAX.

Reliable Infrastructure

We believe that the most important job of any Block Producer is maintaining a strong uptime record. We have servers operating initially out of Tokyo, with more to come to respond to scale as needed, and we have years of experience delivering high availability blockchain services.

Projects that Benefit the Community

AIKON has created multiple open source offerings for the broader eosio community including the createescrow contract, the ORE protocol and chain.js. We’ll support Wax with ongoing closed source and open source software development. Our first open source project for WAX will be an open source chain.js plugin for WAX.

Bringing ORE ID to WAX

Our ORE ID product can be used to manage one or more blockchain wallets, creating a single sign-on experience for decentralized applications on eosio and ethereum compatible blockchains. This universal wallet is held in the cloud and can be used across device. ORE ID can create unique accounts and key pairs for each app or group of apps, protecting users’ privacy without sacrificing ease of use. ORE ID is also designed to allow an application to sign relevant transactions on behalf of a user creating a truly seamless blockchain experience.

ORE ID empowers Telos developers to offer free cloud wallet solutions for their communities! 🎉