Give Mainstream Gamers A Single Click to Access your Web3 Game

ORE ID lets you easily and securely onboard users with a simple sign on solution and universal wallet in one. 

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Unlock Effortless Web3 Onboarding with ORE ID

Let your gamers say goodbye to complicated blockchain sign-up processes! ORE ID offers a seamless, Multi-Chain authentication solution that simplifies the growth of your decentralized app.

With just one simple sign-in, users can effortlessly create their on-chain account. No more memorizing confusing blockchain accounts or private keys – ORE ID securely encrypts and stores the user’s private key with a personalized PIN, making the process simple and stress-free. Experience the future of Web3 sign-on with ORE ID.

Create User Wallets in Seconds

• Automatically generate block chain accounts for users in seconds.
• Multi-Chain compatibility, removes the friction of growing your decentralized app.

Manage Keys Securely

• User-friendly encryption and storage of private keys with personalized PINs.
• No more complicated blockchain accounts or private keys for users to remember.

Access User Data Dashboard

• No more complicated browser plugins or downloads.
• Whitelist your domains and transactions for added security.

Number of ‘Active’ Blockchain Games Doubled in Past Year!

Coinbase 2022

Create more engaging, more profitable, more secure game experiences for your players.

ORE ID: Leading Wallet Creation for GameFi

ORE ID provides your players with an easy and secure way to create and manage their blockchain accounts, without the need for them to remember complex information or private keys. This simplifies the process of onboarding new players and increases the chances that they will stay engaged with your game.

Drive Engagement and Revenue

Incorporate blockchain wallets into your game with ease using ORE ID

Offer in-game purchases, rewards, and blockchain-based incentives to players

Increase player engagement and monetization potential for your game

Increase Value for Users

Provide players with true ownership of in-game assets

Enable trading and selling of assets outside of the game

Increase the overall lifetime value of your players and add a new layer of value to your game

Secure Infrastructure and Compliance

Secure key management

End-to-end encryption protects your users blockchain accounts

Built-in data security; GDPR and CCPA compliance

Implement ORE ID Your Way

Option 1: ORE ID SDK

Option 2: For More Control: Call our API Directly

Option 3: Plug & Play Web Widget: Use Popular auth layers like UAL and WalletConnect

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Frequently Asked Questions

What blockchains are supported by ORE ID?

As of April 2023, ORE ID supports the following blockchains:

  • Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, Telos EVM, DOS Chain
  • EOS, WAX, Telos, UX network 
  • Algorand
Is ORE ID Secure?

Yes! ORE ID uses Google Cloud Confidential Computing to cryptographically secure keys and transactions. More on this can be found here.

Can I use ORE ID with Ethereum NFTs?

Yes, ERC-721 and ERC 1155 are both currently supported.

Does ORE ID support EOSIO Simple and Atomic Assets?

Yes, EOSIO based NFTs are indeed supported by ORE ID.

What is the WebPopup?

The WebPopup is a user interface for front end development.  The tool is written in JavaScript and can interface nicely with React.

Does ORE ID have a front-end SDK?

Yes, check out the ORE ID JavaScript SDK.

What Login Providers does ORE ID support?

Auth0, Google, Facebook, and Passwordless email.

ORE ID empowers Telos developers to offer free cloud wallet solutions for their communities! 🎉