Shared Wallets for Teams

Securely manage and access your business’s funds, digital assets and NFTs.

ORE Vault Is Trusted By

Move Assets Safely and Seamlessly

ORE Vault is a multisig wallet built for businesses with any digital currency and NFT.

Using the ORE ID login, ORE Vault requires multiple signatures to approve transactions. 

This architecture is much safer than using traditional wallets where a single person can lose their key, fall victim to a phishing attack or transfer funds out of the company account.

Insured Against Theft

Transact with peace of mind with our theft coverage insurance from Coincover, allowing you to insure any value of cryptocurrency.

Built for Your Business Needs


Linked to corporate accounts so only authorized employees have access to shared wallets


Sending a transaction notifies all parties via email to request their signature for approval


All parties have full visibility of where money is going and who has signed or not signed

How Does ORE Vault Work?


Login through ORE ID


Click on ‘ORE Vault’ to create your team, view your accounts, the co-signers and available funds


Easily send and receive digital assets


Your teammates will receive a notification to review and sign

ORE Vault Supports the Leading Blockchains

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